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New Home Construction (Custom Homes & Laneway Houses)

Building a home from scratch is a service that we take pride in providing. Our most popular service, we have the professionals and experience to build you a custom home just the way you want.

One of the first steps in building a custom home or laneway house is to take the homeowner’s vision and create working design plans for the builders to work with. With our residential and architectural design partners, we will provide design consultations to develop a home design that will meet all your requirements and needs.

This process will include a variety of steps and procedures from initial consultation, to designs conceptualizations through to after the build warranty servicing. We will guide you and educate you through every step of the way and ensure that no corners are left unturned.


Project Management Services

Our time-tested management procedures are designed specifically to streamline and expedite our projects so that your residence is ready on time and within budget. Knowledge and communication are vital and our project managers have the best tools at their fingertips. Our project managers are responsible for hiring subcontractors, purchasing plumbing fixtures, hardware and appliances, interacting with the architect and client, as well as their fundamental obligation to ensure quality and cost control. We consistently strive to offer clients the benefit of a smooth transition from concept to delivery of their dream home. By using our project management service, you will avoid the pitfalls of sourcing reliable and capable trades, encountering financial conflict, time consuming organization of tradesman, and making sure all work is completed on time and in accordance with all building regulations and city bylaws.

We will assign you one of our fully qualified and highly experienced project managers to liaison between you, the interior designer, Architect and the trades on site. Our project managers will use their experience and access to trades to create and track an estimate and budget, project scheduling and onsite to management of trades working on your site, ensuring that all finishing’s and fixtures are built and installed on time and with the highest level of quality. They will be responsible for maintaining all construction budgeting, schedules & deadlines, and quality control, while maintaining open communication directly, and through our online system.



The most minimal project risk and best paced for an owner, is having Sky Projects be directly responsible for the construction and design work under one Agreement. Sky Projects will be involved from the conceptual to completion, developing the project in Architecture and Construction simultaneously. There are times that construction can begin before design is fully completed. This agreement is based on a Lump Sum Amount. There are much less change orders in this process, than the traditional Owner, Architect, Contractor agreement. Engineering of a project with the Contractor’s point of view, from commencing design, allows the project to be crafted in a way that suits the budget, and eliminates the Contractor bidding process, and full development of Construction Documents



What is General Contracting? A general contractor is an individual or an organization that contracts to another individual or an organization for the management and completion of a project as contractually agreed upon. The general contractor is responsible for the execution, supervision, progress and completion of the project. The general contractor may carry out certain construction stages of the contract, for example concrete and framing. The general contractor generally contracts specific parts of the projects to qualified specialist for certain aspects of the contract, such as plumbing or electrical (subcontractors). The general contractor acts on the best interest of the owner and is responsible for the project, ensuring that the job is carried out within the scheduled parameters (budget, time lines). The owners main line of communication for the project is with the general contractor.

Hiring a general contractor such as Sky Projects Ltd, with over 20 years of experience and professional expertise in the field of construction, gives you peace of mind that your investment is secure.

Other Services Offered:

Interior design

The importance of interior design is often looked over by builders and contractors looking to save a dollar. From our experiences we know how important interior design is to home building. In the long run it can mean adding extensive value to your home. Interior designs are artists and visionaries. They have the ability to understand and piece together a variety of colours and designs to create an aesthetic and appealing work of art that can stand the test of time. Our in house interior designers will provide you with not just their expert design opinions, but also product procurement through various suppliers and vendors, to source out the best products at the best prices.


Quality Assurance

When a second opinion is required, or a review on a Contractor already performing work, Sky Projects can check the quality. These can be one day reviews, or several random visits, or for the duration of an entire project. Sometimes the Owner is not available to tend to the job as often as they would like. Sky Projects visits the project, and in an informative manner, only to help the project progress, will evaluate the quality of the work being performed and give recommendations to the Owner

Major Renovations

Home renovations is one of the best ways to add beauty, functionality, and value to your existing home. We have helped many homeowners increase the value and aesthetics of their homes by making modifications to suit their needs. We work with you to generate ideas and transform them into reality.

Our custom renovation services includes:

  • Preliminary design and budgeting
  • Design and engineering drawings for permit submission
  • Interior design assistance and product procurement
  • Access to professional trades and contractor pricing