Our Process

Our Process - Sky Projects Vancouver


Custom Homes and Laneway Houses are truly the focus of our passion and we’ve developed a streamlined process to deliver your new project built to the highest possible quality.


Envision your Build DesignContact us for a free initial consultation. Your wishes, wants and needs will be given life and vision. At this stage, we will confirm with you, the actual scope, duration and cost of the project. We’ll have a look at your proposed site and listen to your ideas and expectations for your project. We will bring some of our own design propositions and rough costs to this meeting, so that, by the end of the consultation, we are on the same page. If we agree to move forward, the next step is a design agreement.

Budget Control
The primary purpose of preparing a budget is to understand and control costs. Beginning with estimates, an educated guess of the total dollar amount for the style and size of home on a particular lot is established. Detailed estimates allow our Clients to consider if the project is feasible early on. The total dollar amount presented within our estimates, and then budgets, can be broken into two categories: non-discretionary and discretionary costs. Non-discretionary costs include labor and materials that are necessary to build the house, and are thought to be controlled by building and safety guidelines, and not the home owner. Discretionary costs include everything else that is controllable by the client, such as type of cabinets or appliances.

We will always be transparent when dealing with the budget and you will be notified of the cost for every line item prior to purchase and installation. Our project managers will ensure the budget you set for each line item will be strictly adhered to by us, the suppliers, and most importantly the trades. All invoicing related to the jobsite will be carefully coordinated to assure the strict budget and also provide the highest level of quality. In order to do so, our project managers constantly engage in price negotiations and interviews with various trades to allow for the best pricing while maintaining quality, thus allowing us to carry that savings on to you!



Design your Custom HomeThe look and feel become familiar to you. We enable you to imagine day to day life in your redesigned home. The vision and design are translated into the language of construction to gain the efficiencies of time and cost that you require. We custom design for you. The creation of your custom home or laneway house requires careful attention to detail and maximum creative utilization of space. We are masters at obtaining the maximum allowable square footage possible, and we fight tooth and nail at City Hall through strategic application of the rules and complex design guidelines. We listen to your needs and goals attentively to make your small home dreams come true. The final product will be a beautiful and efficient design within the City’s strict parameters.

We respect the world we live in and we consider the environment at every stage of your project. We separate materials from demolition, excavation, and construction for reuse and recycling, and we give our clients environment friendly choices wherever possible in building materials and finishes.

Customizing the spaces of your custom home or laneway home to suit you makes sense to us. We feel that spending just a bit more time on the design phase is worthwhile given that your project is a long-term investment, and good design makes your custom home or laneway house more rewarding.



Build it!Sky Projects design and planning team has now integrated their efforts for the benefit of our construction teams, and you will have one team of great guys for the duration of the project. Top Quality is assured, and our performance is of the highest level.

Once the building permit is issued and we have a construction agreement in place, you can get comfortable and watch from sidelines as your custom home takes shape or watch from your porch as your laneway house is built. Our efficient site building methods rival the speed of pre-fabricated systems. And our project management will ensure that you are kept well informed as to progress, milestone dates and budget use.

Scheduling & Deadlines
In order to provide you with confidence, we need to be highly organized and efficient in what we do. Our project managers are experienced in every facet of scheduling trades and meeting every deadline that’s assigned to them. Our team of professionals schedule and choreograph all the elements of the jobsite to ensure that all deadlines for each phase of the building process are being met and built on-time, every time!

Quality Control
Quality Control is at the forefront of our project managers’ priorities. At Sky Projects we have a very high level of quality to maintain. We bestow each and every one of our projects with the highest standards. By doing so, we expect everyone we work with to provide the same level of standard and quality. One of the major issues of any construction company is to maintain labour quality. On a daily basis, our project managers are engaged in “trade’s management”, e.g., making sure that all trades and labourers are installing the materials and fixtures properly, that they’re not cutting any corners, and jobs are done to Sky Projects degree of expectation and satisfaction. At the completion of each job, our project managers will do a thorough inspection to make sure that everything is where it’s supposed to be, no loose ends are left unattended to, and ultimately everything is running according to plan.


The Stages of New Home Construction:

  1. Site Preparation
  2. Concrete/Foundation
  3. Framing
  4. Installation of Exterior Windows and Doors
  5. LOCK UP
  6. Roofing
  7. Rough-In Plumbing
  8. Rough-In Electrical
  9. Rough-In Heating System
  10. Exterior Siding
  11. Insulation
  12. Drywall
  13. Interior Painting
  14. Interior Finishing begins – trim detail
  15. Cabinetry installed
  16. Complete Plumbing
  17. Complete Electrical
  18. Complete Heating
  19. Flooring
  20. Exterior Decks
  21. Driveways and Walkways
  22. Landscaping

Custom Home Project Cost